Builderman is a tanky, durable, disruptive character with many ways of knocking opponents around. Builderman is classified as a tank, meaning that he has to endure alot of dmg, protect his teammates and disrupt enemies with his stuns and knockback.

Moveset Edit


Banhammer Edit

He swings his hammer in front of him, dealing big damage and knocking victims back.

This ability scales with the Skillz stat, meaning that the more Skillz you get, the higher the damage will be.

I use this skill to knock enemies away from low health teammates. Another riskier use is to go behind the enemy team and knock them into yours.

CFraming Edit

He summons a series of impacts in a line in front of him, each of which knock targets airborne.

This ability deals no damage and has no scaling with any stat.

I use this skill to stop an enemy engage, as a chasing tool or a disengage tool.

Rebuilderman Edit

He heals himself for a large percentage of his missing health, and boosts his defense.

This ability scales with Toughness, meaning that the more Toughness you get, the higher the defense bonus increases.

I use this skill as a recover after a fight or when I am running away. I almost never use this as an engage tool, which does work if the enemy team has alot of Skillz based opponents.

Unshakeable Edit

Passively grants shields as he hits targets with abilities. Actively, he shakes the baseplate, knocking nearby enemies airborne and slowing them. They also take some damage.

This ability scales with Skillz, meaning that the more Skillz you get, the more damage this ability will do.

I use this skill to disrupt a teamfight to give my team the advantage.

Items Edit

Builderman has 2 skillz scalings and 1 toughness scaling. He is also quite tanky in terms of HP. The problem with him is that he has some serious energy problems. With all of this in mind, this is my typical Builderman build.

You open with a Normal Sword. Get that normal sword to a Venomshank, then get yourself 1 Dragonblood Hauberk. After that, get a Darkheart, then 1 Magebreaker, 1 Forsaken Mask and either 1 Resolute Wish or Mystical Dynamo or an item of your choice.

This item set has damage, tankiness, energy recovery and a anti-mage item. It works pretty good.

Counters/Champions that work well with Builderman Edit

Counters Edit

Looking to how the item set is built, mages are very strong in the early game. However, these mages do need a large supply of energy because of the Rebuilderman.

- Matt Dusek, He has high burst damage, which really is his only strength against Builderman, because of his high energy costs. Get a nice chunk of h4x and energy/energy regen and you are able to bully this one really hard.

- ReeseMcBlox, Her Reorganize and Team Spirit are basically Builderman counters. She can keep healing herself up when Builderman engages and can even stop his engage entirely with Moderate. Get some tanky items to prevent him from stunning you too long to actually nullify your healing. If you aren't tanky when Builderman engages, but you do have alot of energy and some h4x, pop your Reorganize if possible and try to activate Team Spirit before any stuns land. Either you will heal enough for him to not finish you, or you can stay alive if he messes up.

- Merely, Merely deals % HP damage with 3 of his abilities aka Buildermans major weakness. It is skillz damage, yes, but he doesn't need to fill up item slots to deal high amounts of damage. His late game is too strong at the moment and almost no one can actually overpower him if Merely did not join in the late game.

Champions that work well with Builderman Edit

Builderman sets up stuns for his team to let his team deal high AoE damage to all of the stacked opponents. But that doesn't mean that every AoE champion synergizes well with Builderman.

- Guest, Guest is one of the strongest AoE champions in the game and he can also build tanky. Whenever Builderman lands a perfect stun combo, Guest can start his AoE annihilation with his Safe Chat and WANNA BE FRIENDS?.

- JackInTheBlox, JackInTheBlox is THE single target destroyer of Battle for Roblox and if Builderman can stun a priority target for JackInTheBlox, that champion is gone in an instant. He can also buff Builderman to deal some nice damage as well to anyone who wants to help him.

- StickMasterLuke, Normally, StickMasterLuke is a pretty weak champion, because of the need of a good setup to bomb an area to smithereens. Builderman has that setup. A well-placed CFraming or Unshakeable can ruin a team's day when timed properly.

Changelog Edit

16 June, 2016 Edit

+ Basic attacks scale worse with skillz but have higher base damage. + Hammer Swing should now properly knock back minions.


20 June, 2016 Edit

- With Guest and NobleDragon being exceptional tanks, Builderman's fallen behind a little bit. So, here's a change that will grant him an impressive tank-oriented power spike at level 4. + Basequake changed to Unshakeable. Active unchanged. Now has passive: striking enemies with abilities grants a shield for max health. Small shield, but stacks for a lot of protection in a crowd.